Christopher X. Shade’s novel THE GOOD MOTHER OF MARSEILLE and the book of poems SHIELD THE JOYOUS

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The Good Mother of Marseille

It’s the summer of 2013 in Marseille, in the year of its designation as the European Capital of Culture — tourists come to see. Americans wander and sightsee this dangerous, impoverished yet seductive city. Noémie is from Montreal, and she wants to stay.

Shield the Joyous

Shade’s journey to better understand addiction and the loss of loved ones draws from both the world of his imagination and, in poignant poetic memoir, from his Alabama roots. This book continues the thread of coming to understand ourselves by working to understand others. And a strong message of love and hope transcends what is happening in our families where the disease of addiction pulls us apart and kills our loved ones.

Today’s Meditation is a project of the book Shield the Joyous. Learn more.