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Reading at HiFi Bar


Excited to be reading alongside some of my favorite writers at the Lyrics, Lit & Liquor reading series hosted by Amanda Miller. I will be reading new material, a brief short story.

Join us at HiFi Bar in the East Village on Tuesday, September 1, at 7 PM.

Readings also by Joseph Salvatore, Scott Hess, Sebastian Briglia, Genevieve Betts, and Amanda Miller. Music by Adeline Hotel.

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Booklets available at H5 art events

Christopher X. Shade is a founding member of the H5 multidisciplinary artist collective. H5 is collaborating in a five-phase project, 5 ARTISTS | 5 PHASES. For each art event, Christopher is writing a story and making it available as a free booklet.

Season 1, Migration, June 2011

In “Shir in Holyland”, Shir is the daughter of an Israeli who realized his dream of opening a store in America. She observes, in the store she has inherited, intersections of people and cultures, slices of immigrant experience. It’s a cut-up story inspired by 3 books and Stefan Hengst’s photographs.

Season 2, Green, September 2011

“The Shape of Clouds over Dinner at Ray’s” takes place on a summer evening during which two couples, Ray, who is the narrator, and his girlfriend Serena, and their married friends Peter and Kate, have dinner in Ray’s apartment and talk about things like, Can love be measured by acts as simple as lying together on the grass, discovering shapes in the clouds?

If you missed the event and would like to receive one of these booklets, contact Christopher.

Stay in the loop on upcoming H5 art events by visiting the H5 blog.

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Shade’s cut-up story sources

Christopher X. Shade’s cut-up story, Shir in Holyland, will be made available as a free, printed booklet during the Season 1: Migration show on Saturday, June 18.  This blog post explains his cut-up technique and provides a window for readers into the material sources used.

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H5 Season 1 show promises a Shade story in the footsteps of Burroughs

Christopher X. Shade, a New York City-based author, has produced a short story for the Season 1: Migration show.  It’s a cut-up story, a technique popularized by William S. Burroughs.  The cut-up technique typically involves cutting up pages of established text into fragments, and rearranging the fragments to create or inspire new text.  Shade’s story will be made available in booklet form at the free Season 1 show on Saturday, June 18th.