Today’s Meditation App

Simple words to reflect on and carry with you through the day.

Free. A new take on the mindfulness app.

Simple words to reflect on and carry with you through the day. Today’s Meditation is helpful, inspiring, and light-giving to everyone in today’s difficult times.

Find here:

  • Compassion and support
  • The positive, world-changing power of self-care
  • Reminders throughout your day
  • A journal for your reflections
  • Tap-to-call crisis support and treatment referral resources
  • Guides and tutorials for features
  • Reflections rich with meaning
  • Simple words of transformative power
  • More awareness and understanding
  • A force of you, improving the world around you

Inspired by a book project providing reflections and support for friends and family of those struggling with disease of addiction, such as alcohol use disorder or other substance addictions and behavioral addictions, whether in the throes of it or in recovery and aftercare.

This app is designed to be a small, powerful offering in a broad caring support environment that everyone needs

Come back to simple. The app features:

  • A focus on one reflection for the day. Carry it with you. Come back to it.
  • A journal. A new page every day.
  • Star your favorites and browse recents.
  • Crisis support and treatment referral resources per country.
  • Dark or light mode
  • No login required. No ads. Free of data concerns. (See the Privacy Policy that states this.)
  • Ongoing app updates to bring to you new offerings and features

Origin Story

There is no shortage of apps in this category — how many are companies setting out to make money from our desire to be mindful? How this app with its daily meditation offerings is unique is in its origins: This began as a book project — daily posts of a meditation offering — intended to provide support to those who have loved ones struggling with the disease of addiction. It is a project of the book of poems Shield the Joyous. Come back to simple.