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Book Review: EVERYWHERE STORIES anthology of international fiction

Everywhere StoriesChristopher’s book review of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, an anthology edited by Clifford Garstang, appears in The Collagist.

Here is the opening of the review:

In “Eggs,” the opening story in Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, a thirteen-year-old girl in rural Central Africa Republic, when her mother dies, takes her two younger sisters from village to village until they reach the capital. A distant aunt takes in the youngest two, but turns her out; she’s old enough, she is told, to fend for herself. Now, she wears borrowed lipstick and is on her way to a bar to meet a man: “to find a man with the means to live in a solid, concrete house with a tin roof, more than one room, and a latrine that’s not communal.” She has never “made fun” with a man. In this story, we are drawn into the girl’s world and moved by the dramatic action of her circumstance. We are transported.

Click here to read the full review at The Collagist.

Click here to visit the publisher’s website, Press 53.

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