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Book Review: Brandon Hobson’s DEEP ELLUM

Deep_Ellum_coverChristopher’s book review of DEEP ELLUM from author Brandon Hobson appears in Southern Literary Review.

Here is the opening of the review of Brandon Hobson’s DEEP ELLUM:

In Brandon Hobson’s second book, Deep Ellum, just out from Calamari Press, siblings reunite in a bad part of town, this time in a district of Dallas where apartments look out at warehouses, low-rise buildings, 7-11s, liquor stores, and bars. The kind of streets with graffiti and with shopping carts left on corners. But there are jazz clubs and parties. When you go out for a smoke, you encounter people who are either on the street or seem to be not far from it. Desolation pervades and heartbreak is commonplace. Every day is rife with the inevitability of drugs and booze.

Click here to read the full review at Southern Literary Review.

Click here to visit this book’s page at the Calamari Press website.

From Brandon Hobson’s website:

Brandon Hobson is the author of the novel, Deep Ellum (Calamari Press) and the short book, The Levitationist (Ravenna Press). His novel Desolation of Avenues Untold is forthcoming in 2015 from Civil Coping Mechanisms. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in such places as Conjunctions, The Paris Review Daily, NOON, The Believer, Post Road, New York Tyrant, Puerto del Sol, Impose Magazine, and elsewhere. Hobson teaches at Northern Oklahoma College and is a member of the Cherokee Nation tribe.

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